Finding purpose and connection in isolation 

Physical distancing and Covid-19 have challenged us all to get creative in how we connect. For many retirees, relying heavily on technology to socialise has been a new experience, one that allows them to continue participating in the things they enjoy.

Posted by Adam Davenport

How to make the best financial decisions in difficult times 

Making good financial decisions during a crisis such as Covid-19 can feel overwhelming. However, with the support and expert guidance of a qualified financial adviser, you can make decisions today that your future self will thank you for.

Posted by Daniel Arcadiou

Is your will and advanced care directive valid and up-to-date? 

Having an updated Will and Estate Plan is the only way to protect your wealth, provide for your family in your absence and safeguard your financial legacy. COVID-19 has shown us just how much these factors impact our health, wealth and happiness.

Posted by Michael Russell

Keeping your personal and financial data safe during COVID-19

The convenience of technology has been a great benefit to our lives since Coronavirus restrictions came into effect; but it has also exposed more of us to the risk of data breaches, scams and identify theft that unfortunately comes with it. Read more about what to look out for and how to protect yourself.

Posted by Nick Stanley

Facing COVID career change after 50? Financial advice can help.

With redundancy set to increase in many industries as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis in Australia, it's reassuring to know that good financial planning can help achieve your long-term goals and minimise the impacts of late-career redundancy.

Posted by Jason Calleja

What day is it again?

We can all relate to feeling like every day is the same, or not even knowing what day it is, as we stay at home to battle COVID-19. Adviser, David Batchelor shares his thoughts on coping with the rapid change in our lives, and recommends some great movie viewing to deliver a much-needed laugh.

Posted by David Batchelor

This video shows how FMD portfolios are weathering the storm

It's been a turbulent ride on global markets since the onset of COVID-19, but FMD portfolios are weathering the storm and are well-placed for the future. Watch this update from the FMD Investment Committee for all the latest details.

Posted by Lee Wapling

5 apps to get your Coronavirus budget in shape

There are now more and more online tools and apps available to help you take care of the tedious but important tasks associated with budgeting. Here is our list of the top 5 apps for efficiently managing your budget.

Posted by Anna Oudendijk

Cash flow and COVID-19

Daily life has been turned upside down for all of us due to COVID-19 and new ways of living, working and connecting have quickly become the norm. Whatever changes you are adapting to personally, adviser Michael Russell shares his tips on getting your budget under control in the face of new financial realities.

Posted by Michael Russell

Annual Client Briefing panel discussion highlights

We continue to receive fantastic feedback about our largest-ever Annual Client Briefing held at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne in December 2019 where we welcomed over 400 guests. One of the things ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

FMD is growing

Welcome to our new FMD Team Members! 2019 was a big year for FMD with a number of significant changes, including our move to operating under our own Australian Financial Services ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

The rise of Australian neobanks

2018-19 was a tough year for Australia’s major banks who faced margin squeeze from lower interest rates, fierce competition in mortgages and customer dissatisfaction in the wake of the ...

Posted by David Batchelor

Housing market recovery gathers steam

The Reserve Bank of Australia and the Government may be lamenting the fact that lower interest rates and personal tax cuts haven’t had the desired effect on consumer spending, ...

Posted by Jason Calleja

Trade wars make for volatile times

The Trump presidency has seen a rapid return to protectionism with the introduction of new tariffs on Chinese goods aimed at lowering net imports and protecting domestic industries. China responded ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Boost super in your 40s or kiss your lifestyle goodbye

In July 2017, the government introduced new rules that make it imperative for higher income earners to pay close attention to their annual super contributions or risk retiring without enough money ...

Posted by Michael Russell

How to maximise your redundancy payout

Looking for smart strategies to make the most of your redundancy payment? Our advisers share tips on maximising your redundancy payment and securing your financial future.

Posted by Aaron Hitch

Scams are on the rise, here's how to protect yourself

The ACCC's Scamwatch has already received 94 reports of Coronavirus-related scams and expect that number to rise. Since the Federal Government announced measures to allow people to access their superannuation, scammers have been impersonating super funds in calls and emails asking Australians to confirm their super account details.

Posted by Nick Stanley

How overseas travel impacts your Age Pension payments

Many of us dream about retiring overseas or enjoying extended periods of overseas travel during retirement. While drawing up your travel checklist, don’t forget to consider possible impacts to ...

Posted by Daniel Arcadiou

Sharing knowledge and honing skills at our 2019 adviser conference

It’s always hard to take time away from the office and our clients, but once again we were reminded of the benefits of bringing our national team together to share knowledge and hone our skills at this year’s annual adviser conference in Melbourne recently.

Posted by Lee Wapling

Election Update Series: Changes to franking credits in SMSFs proposed if Labor is elected

Proposed changes to franking credits in SMSFs are on the horizon if Labor is elected in May. There could be significant impacts for retirees with an SMSF who are wholly in the pension phase. Financial adviser, Jason Calleja, explains the potential impact and what you can do to protect your wealth if the proposed changes come into effect.

Posted by Jason Calleja

What you need to know about mixing SMSFs and property

Investing in property through a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a popular option for many people. However, recently tightened bank lending and increasing ATO regulation have made this harder. Here ...

Posted by Anna Oudendijk

How to ensure your insurance claim is not rejected

In December 2018, the federal government announced that insurance premiums will see an average hike of 3.25% in 2019. This is not a new story. With these yearly increases, of course you want ...

Posted by Nick Stanley

Downsizing, reverse mortgages and the Pension Loan Scheme: Using the equity in your home to generate more money in retirement

According to research by Investment Trends, 51% of retirees expect to outlive their retirement savings. If you aim to live on more than the Age Pension (full Age Pension rates plus supplements are $35,916 for a couple, or $23,824 for a single person, applicable since 20 September 2018), you will need to use smart strategies to find the additional income. Unlocking the equity in your home can be an effective way to achieve your lifestyle goals and generate more income in retirement.

5 mistakes to avoid when funding aged care costs

Article update: The Basic Daily Fee and means-tested care fee mentioned in this article are as per The Department of Human Services' revised aged care fees released on 21 June 2019. Making ...

Posted by Jason Calleja

Trust is at the heart of good financial advice

The Royal Commission continues to expose the poor conduct occurring in the banking and finance industry and we’re glad the Commission is giving a voice to those impacted. Though ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

Invest today to live the life you want tomorrow

How active management of your super investment builds wealth faster Building wealth sooner is the best way to live the lifestyle you've worked hard to achieve for longer. Instead of ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

Meet Financial Adviser, Anna Oudendijk

Are you Queensland born and bred? I grew up in Warsaw, Poland and came to Australia in 1999. I first lived in Adelaide where I began my FMD career in 2009 and ...

Posted by Anna Oudendijk

The secret to consistent investment returns

We all understand that certain sectors of the market do better during particular stages of the economic cycle than others. However, trying to pick the timing of a market rotation – ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

Our formula for investment success

They say there's no formula for success, but with years of experience offering personalised investment advice and now with over $1 billion of funds under management, our investment committee has learned ...

Posted by Richard Dahl

Superannuation changes with effect from 1 July 2017

The information in this article is superseded by the latest superannuation information published in our article, Everything you need to know about superannuation to live the dream. New superannuation laws ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Money the Biggest Test of Relationships

Romance may be in the air, but it’s not all wine and roses when two people combine their finances and aspirations in the name of love.     According to Relationships ...

Christmas by numbers

It is no surprise we’re spending more on Christmas each year and it seems Gen Xers, at the peak of their careers and earning power, typically spend the most. ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

How will new superannuation laws impact you?

Yes, after months of debate of debate and a federal election we finally have some certainty on Superannuation. On November 23, superannuation legislation was passed by both houses of parliament. Major ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Ready to stop financial conflict in your marriage

What do Australian couples really argue about? Research shows finances are one of the leading causes of marital conflict in Australia, with 34% of respondents saying that they argue about money. ...

How to find a financial adviser you can trust

In September 2015 a study conducted by the Financial Planning Standards Board in association with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) found 70 per cent of Australians did not know who to trust ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

How to avoid 4 big financial mistakes

Mistakes are a normal part of life but financial mistakes can be expensive, financially and emotionally - bringing about feelings of regret and a lack of control over your own ...

The six things financial planners say matter to your future

What is the formula for creating health, wealth and happiness at every stage of life? After nearly two decades of providing personalised advice to our happy clients, our financial advisers share FMD Financial's six pillar approach.

Posted by David Batchelor

Planning the best bet for women’s super

  Whilst there are media conversations aplenty about the gap in women’s super it seems the message, whilst acknowledged, is not spurring women to take action. Professional advice is widely ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Preparing for the emotional shock of retirement

Retirement is something people often wait for all their working lives, yet few consider how they will spend their time once the freedom to do whatever they like wears thin. ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

The changing role of Australian grandparents

Changing role of Australian grandparents The generation of free thinkers who changed the world are now busy transforming retirement into the very antithesis of a slowing lifestyle. For Australia's 5.3 million ...

Posted by Craig Williams

Is sleep more important than food?

How many times have you heard it said? Mahatma Gandhi fasted for three weeks in order to change the world, no doubt he was hungry, weaker, and somewhat thinner but ...

The rising cost of education

As the education sector faces a shortage of teaching staff, the challenges to keep up with constantly changing technology and growing governance demands, fees can be expected to keep rising. ...

Posted by David Batchelor

Stop the gap in women's super

In Australia today, women are helping drive the knowledge economy with 63% holding year 12 qualifications compared to 58% of men. However, findings from a recent ANZ report reveals the national gender pay ...

Posted by Adam Davenport

A little mindfulness goes a long way

As our lives continue to get busier, and notably more stressful, people are turning to mindfulness – a type of meditation – to improve health and well-being. Melbourne Demons coach Paul Roos ...

Investment noise: The enemy of financial success

The media focus on market fluctuations is a growing obsession. There are 34 business and finance programs and publications across Australian newspapers, radio and television broadcasts, with updates available 24 hours a ...

Posted by Jason Calleja

The changing Australian family

There is no doubt Australian society has changed dramatically in just a few short decades let alone over the last century.   Yet success and happiness are still built on the ...

How women can take control of their financial future

We interview FMD adviser, Lauren Abela, who works with busy, established professional and entrepreneurial women, passionate about life and gaining confidence around their money. What are the greatest financial issues ...

How will the 2015 Federal Budget affect you?

The information in this article is superseded by the latest superannuation information published in our article, Everything you need to know about superannuation to live the dream. Last week’s ...

Posted by David Batchelor

Are you tax time ready?

The end of financial year period is a great time to take stock, reflect on past events and tie up loose ends - and it’s also the perfect time ...

Posted by Adam Davenport

Latest interest rate cut: a welcomed decision?

The RBA met yesterday and have cut rates by 25 basis points. This takes the official cash rate to a new historical low of 2.25%.  It is a welcome decision for borrowers ...

Posted by Michael Russell

A case for the Self-Managed Super Fund

Dear FMD, I have been thinking about purchasing a second residential investment property, and my friends suggested that I can use my super for a deposit if I establish an ...

The value of volunteering

Volunteering has a resounding effect on a community, and as it happens, good deeds lead to good grey matter. ABS research shows 61% of Australian volunteers who gave up their time ...

Saving women's super

There has been much commentary on the changing family unit in Australia but the reality is 70% of primary carers of children are women. Although many wouldn’t change this situation, ...

Top 5 apps for managing your finances

There are now more and more online tools and apps available to help you take care of the tedious tasks associated with managing your money. From handling your bank accounts, ...

Are we experiencing a property bubble?

You don’t need to know much about the investment market to know that Australia is experiencing high property prices in its major cities. In fact, according to RP Data, ...

How's life as an Australian?

When it comes to international measures of health, wealth and happiness, latest findings from the OECD Better Life Index confirm what most of us know deep down: Australian’s have ...

Not all financial advisers are the same

Finding the right person to manage your finances can be a difficult and time-consuming process for many people. Understandably, your money and assets are vitally important to both your immediate ...

Are you betting on the property boom?

It comes as no surprise that we’re paying much more for property today than any generation before us. With housing prices surging in Australia’s capital cities, we’re ...

What do Australian couples really argue about?

In a relationship each individual brings something different to the table. We see couples everyday who have different attitudes toward how they deal with and respond to managing their finances. ...

Divorce: counting the cost of breaking up

Divorce costs the Australian economy $14 billion a year, and recent figures estimate taxpayers now pay close to $1100 per annum to support families in crisis. While the divorce rate declined between 2002 ...

Top 6 myths about financial planning

We recently got talking about the reasons why people avoid seeking financial advice. Here are our top six. 1. You can do it yourself The thousands of DIY financial advice websites ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Is a Self-Managed Super Fund right for you?

Wondering if self-managed super is for you? FMD Director and Financial Adviser, Mike Reynolds, answers common questions about SMSFs. Who is the ideal candidate for a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF): ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Is it time to get a plan?

Is it time to get a plan?The focus around the 14th Annual Financial Planning Week this year is aimed at educating Australians on what financial advice is and more ...

Debt Recycling: a smart financial strategy

Purchasing a home can be one of life’s greatest milestones. Home ownership brings a sense of achievement and adds to your asset portfolio. A home is also likely to ...

Posted by David Batchelor


  • Why shouldn't I keep managing my own money, I've done all right so far?

    Successful people are used to handling their own finances, but you may reach a point where financial management becomes too complex or time consuming and the consequences of financial mistakes far-reaching. At this stage it's wise to turn to a professional adviser who can help you build and protect wealth over the long-term.

  • Why do I need to meet with an adviser instead of talking on the phone?

    If you value receiving expert advice (perhaps you're an expert in your field!) you know the importance of sitting down face-to-face to solve problems or improve your position. Our advisers don't give advice over the phone to new clients because we have a duty of care to consider your overall situation. That's best done in an initial consultation at our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide. We'll pick up the tab for the first meeting! 

  • How do I know if I should seek professional financial advice?

    Much like a personal trainer or career coach, your FMD adviser will help you set financial goals and hold you accountable. So you need to be ready to improve your financial position. If you are time-poor, have unresolved financial or investment decisions, need to plan for retirement or are facing lifestyle or career change, seeking advice can be a great relief. Many of our clients are successful executives or business owners who value expert financial advice so they can focus on what they do best.

  • How do I choose a financial adviser and why should I?

    The title 'financial adviser' is often misunderstood, partly because it is used to describe advisers that work for or are affiliated with banks or superannuation funds. FMD Financial is not owned by or affiliated with another financial institution, and we charge a fee for service based our clients' individual needs. When choosing an adviser look for someone qualified and experienced, who is happy to offer client references. Choose someone you like and feel comfortable talking to. Over time they will become an important person during life's biggest challenges, like redundancy, divorce or the death of a loved one. 

  • How does advice work and what does it cost?

    Our clients know quality advice is an investment in the future and they partner with us for the long-haul because their investment pays off. We're committed to being open and transparent about our fees and what you can expect from our advice process so more people can experience the confidence and that comes from getting good advice.

  • Some useful website links relating to COVID-19

    Australian Government Department of Health – facts and resources regarding COVID-19

    Treasury – key economic response to COVID-19

    Australian Taxation Office – COVID-19 support available

    Centrelink – for those who expect to receive assistance if affected by COVID-19 -  Information and support for businesses affected by COVID-19






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