Good advice is a great relief

Our clients are hard-working professionals with serious careers, big passions and busy lives. They don’t have the time or interest to watch every market move or keep track of every intricate change in Superannuation, tax or investment legislation. Instead, they trust us to provide the insight to build a sustainable financial plan and grow their wealth as life changes.

Support to achieve your best financial future

At every gathering of 40 to 50-something professionals, the financial discussion may be similar. Debts are reducing, investments are more meaningful, careers are strong and super balances are growing. Now is time to make the most of your money to live the lifestyle you dream about.

So, what's next?

  • Should you prioritise paying down debt or topping-up super?
  • How do ever-changing super rules impact your ongoing wealth strategy?
  • Is a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) right for you?
  • How could you best utilise a windfall, like a redundancy payout, inheritance or the proceeds of a business sale?
  • Maybe you're worried about what would happen to your family's lifestyle or the kids' education if you got sick,
  • How to best support your ageing parents; or
  • Making those dreams of travelling when the kids leave home, a reality.

These are questions we help hundreds of clients answer every year. Our six pillars of advice will uncover your best financial future.

Our six pillars of advice

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Career success or transition, a growing family or changing lifestyle priorities are great opportunities to review your financial goals with an expert.



Superannuation is one of the best vehicles for growing wealth in a tax effective manner. We can help you actively grow and maximise your super.

Income & Budgeting

Income & Budgeting

Knowing what you spend and what you can save or invest is the key to building long-term sustainable wealth as early as possible.



Over a lifetime, income is your greatest asset and the fuel for your financial goals. We'll ensure your wealth is protected from the unexpected.

Assets & Debt

Assets & Debt

Balancing assets and debt can help you succeed and our institution-grade investment capability, with $2 billion+ of funds under advice, will help you build wealth faster.

Your Financial Legacy

Your Financial Legacy

Creating a Will or Estate Plan is daunting, but essential for peace of mind. We'll help you have the difficult conversations and get it done.

A proven advice process and transparent fees

We want you to experience the confidence that comes from seeking professional financial and investment advice. So we're committed to being open and transparent about our fees and what you can expect from our advice process.

Step 1. Understanding your needs

Face to face or via a Skype call if you’re not nearby or pressed for time. Assess your situation against the six pillars with a qualified FMD adviser

Key advisers are Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and FPA practising members.

Step 1.

NO CHARGE - This one's at our expense, so put us to the test and be sure our adviser is right for you.

Step 2. Developing a personal plan

Receive a personalised Statement of Advice detailing your current position and the recommended strategies for achieving your goals whatever they may be.

Outsourcing financial management gives you hours of life back and avoids costly mistakes.

Step 2.

Typically $1,500 - $5,000 depending on the complexity of your situation and work involved.

Step 3. Implementing your personal plan

Once you accept our recommendations we’ll set-up the agreed strategies* on your behalf and regularly keep you updated with our progress.

Having a financial plan brings a great sense of peace and control

Step 3.


Step 4. Ongoing advice service and portfolio management

Breathe easy knowing your FMD adviser will be with you every step of the way as life, financial markets and legislation changes.

An FMD adviser is like a coach, managing change and keeping you on track.

Step 4.

Typically a fixed fee based on the complexity of advice and service needs plus a portfolio management fee, with a minimum of $3,696 ex GST pa.

* Note: Depending on the plan we recommend, you may choose to take up additional products and service like insurance, SMSF administration or investment administration platforms. Any associated fees will be fully disclosed by your adviser in the statement of advice you receive in Step 2.

We know from experience the benefits of our advice will far exceed our annual advice fee, because:

  • The personal financial plan we develop for you will save you more than 1% in time, energy, worry and paperwork.
  • The financial mistakes we will help you avoid will save you more than 1% per year
  • You’ll know first-hand the peace of mind that comes with having a plan to secure your financial future is worth 1%
  • The long term investment returns we’ll achieve for you will out-perform the portfolio mix you might choose yourself by more than 1%. Read more about our investment committee and robust investment process and active management service.

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