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Client feedback keeps us improving

Walt Disney famously had this advice for those striving to create a successful, long-term business “Do what you do so well that people will want to experience it again and then bring their friends.”

In the advice business, success is all about the long-term relationships we build with our clients, year after year, on their life journey, and the friends and family they trust us enough to send our way. Both are a privilege and most of our team would agree, they are what makes being an adviser so satisfying.

Earlier this year, we introduced our online Post Review-Meeting Survey to standardise client feedback and help our whole business keep improving. Since then, more than 600 clients have kindly provided their feedback on where we’re doing well and how we can do better.

Many of you have also taken the time to provide Google reviews, which we appreciate. Google reviews are important, because more and more people now look for an adviser online when they don’t have a referral, so we want to make sure they find a reputable, qualified adviser they can trust.

Every month we share your survey feedback with our team and talk about opportunities to deliver enhanced services and client experiences. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the professionalism of our advisers, their quality care and communication, thorough preparation and financial expertise.

At the same time, we’ve heard there’s room for improvement in getting the amount of investment information right for different clients, and more time with advisers is sometimes desired.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and your valuable feedback tells us what matters most to you and where to focus our energies.

We’re proud of the fact that 90% of you were satisfied with your review meeting this year and 78% would recommend FMD to a family member, friends or colleagues.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete our Post Review-Meeting Survey and provide us with the opportunity to keep on learning and improving. Please keep your feedback coming, so we can continue to meet your expectations now and in future. Here are some highlights from the feedback we’ve received:

“The current market overview was well explained, the positive outlook assured us for the future.”
“My adviser clarified and explained everything so well!”
“The preparation and delivery of estate planning data was excellent”
“We continue to be impressed with our adviser’s knowledge of products, regulations and markets and how this expertise can be applied to our personal circumstances.”
“It's always a reassuring feeling after talking with our adviser that he gives advice that makes sense and leaves us reassured that we are in capable hands.”
“Communication is key for me and my adviser is a great communicator.”
“A warm welcome, clear explanations and no sense of rushing was my experience."

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