Congratulations on your decision to seek advice.

If you're researching financial advisers, chances are you've already discovered managing, growing and protecting your money is challenging and taking you away from things you'd rather be doing.

Why partner with a financial expert?

We can help you develop a plan to achieve your financial goals, so you can focus on what you do best. Each plan is developed for your particular needs, recommending personalised financial strategies. We don't push products or agendas. We listen, learn and help you navigate your own financial complexities to grow your wealth and achieve your goals.

Perhaps you're a big-picture person looking for the right adviser to take care of the details. Or maybe you like to dot every i and cross every t remaining in full control of financial decisions. Either way, we can deliver advice to suit your style.

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What will we ask of you?

Professional financial advice isn't for everyone. Much like a personal trainer or career coach, your FMD adviser will help you set financial goals and hold you accountable. You need to be ready to take control of your financial future and improve your financial position.

It helps if you value getting expert advice in areas of life that aren't your forte. Many of our clients are successful executives or business owners who are great at making money, but understand the benefits of outsourcing complex matters to professionals.

Do you need a certain amount of money or assets to seek advice?

In our experience, people often want financial advice but feel they don't have enough money to talk to a professional adviser. In Australia, we're lucky enough to earn high incomes across a variety of professions and entrepreneurial endeavors, so financial success is often achievable with good planning. Our advisers welcome a meeting with anyone who's ready to get serious about their money.

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