Invest the easy way, supported by the FMD Investment Committee

Whether you want to travel, buy a house, your dream car or just enjoy the feeling of getting ahead faster, you need to invest to build wealth.

Online investing is the most convenient, affordable way to get started, with as little as $5000.

Using an online investment platform backed by serious investment knowledge means you can focus on what you do best, taking the pressure off having to regularly monitor and make trades yourself, but confident in the knowledge you're making your money work harder.

Rev Invest offers a range of managed portfolios so you can choose the level of risk that's right for you. The reason we can offer access to these diverse investment portfolios at a low and transparent fee, is because we invest in a range of ETFs, or exchange traded funds. ETFs level the playing field and make quality investment products available to more people with smaller amounts to invest, which is exactly what Rev Invest is all about.

ETF's are suitable for all investors, because they are low cost, offer plenty of choice and are easy to liquidate if you need access to your money for life's next big adventure. But not all ETFs are made equal. The Rev Invest team, backed by FMD Financial’s decades-strong investment capability - ensure only high quality ETF's with long-term potential find their way into our portfolios.

This makes Rev Invest the perfect option for the smart beginner or anyone challenged for time, who would prefer to step out of having to make frequent decisions manage their investment portfolio.


Rev Invest is the perfect way to get started with investing and get ahead faster.
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