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Boost super in your 40s or kiss your lifestyle goodbye

In Jul 2017, the government introduced new rules that make it imperative for higher income earners to pay close attention to their annual super contributions or risk retiring without enough money ...

Posted by Michael Russell

5 mistakes to avoid when funding aged care costs

Making the move to residential aged care can be a difficult and stressful time for families, both emotionally and financially. While aged care financial advice needs to be tailored to ...

Posted by Jason Calleja

Trust is at the heart of good financial advice

The Royal Commission continues to expose the poor conduct occurring in the banking and finance industry and we’re glad the Commission is giving a voice to those impacted. Though ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

Invest today to live the life you want tomorrow

High quality professional wealth management advice is something we take seriously and our clients know it sets us apart. Building wealth sooner is the best way to live the lifestyle ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

The secret to consistent investment returns

We all understand that certain sectors of the market do better during particular stages of the economic cycle than others. However, trying to pick the timing of a market rotation – ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

Meet Financial Adviser, Anna Oudendijk

Are you Queensland born and bred? I grew up in Warsaw, Poland and came to Australia in 1999. I first lived in Adelaide where I began my FMD career in 2009 and ...

Posted by Anna Oudendijk

Our formula for investment success

They say there's no formula for success, but with years of experience offering personalised investment advice and now with over $1 billion of funds under management, our investment committee has learned ...

Posted by Richard Dahl

Superannuation changes with effect from 1 July 2017

New superannuation laws came into effect from 1 July 2017 With every change in super laws, it's important to review your super plans to ensure you are in compliance with new limits ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Money the Biggest Test of Relationships

Romance may be in the air, but it’s not all wine and roses when two people combine their finances and aspirations in the name of love.     According to Relationships ...

Posted by Lauren Abela

Christmas by numbers

It is no surprise we’re spending more on Christmas each year and it seems Gen Xers, at the peak of their careers and earning power, typically spend the most. ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

How will new superannuation laws impact you?

Yes, after months of debate of debate and a federal election we finally have some certainty on Superannuation. On November 23, superannuation legislation was passed by both houses of parliament. Major ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Ready to stop financial conflict in your marriage

What do Australian couples really argue about? Research shows finances are one of the leading causes of marital conflict in Australia, with 34% of respondents saying that they argue about money. ...

Posted by Lauren Abela

How to find a financial adviser you can trust

In September 2015 a study conducted by the Financial Planning Standards Board in association with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) found 70 per cent of Australians did not know who to trust ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

How to avoid 4 big financial mistakes

Mistakes are a normal part of life but financial mistakes can be expensive, financially and emotionally - bringing about feelings of regret and a lack of control over your own ...

Posted by Lauren Abela

The six things financial planners say matter to your future

What is the formula for creating health, wealth and happiness at every stage of life? After nearly two decades of providing personalised advice to our happy clients, our financial advisers share FMD Financial's six pillar approach.

Posted by David Batchelor

Planning the best bet for women’s super

  Whilst there are media conversations aplenty about the gap in women’s super it seems the message, whilst acknowledged, is not spurring women to take action. Professional advice is widely ...

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Preparing for the emotional shock of retirement

Retirement is something people often wait for all their working lives, yet few consider how they will spend their time once the freedom to do whatever they like wears thin. ...

Posted by Lee Wapling

The changing role of Australian grandparents

Changing role of Australian grandparents The generation of free thinkers who changed the world are now busy transforming retirement into the very antithesis of a slowing lifestyle. For Australia's 5.3 million ...

Posted by Craig Williams

Is sleep more important than food?

How many times have you heard it said? Mahatma Gandhi fasted for three weeks in order to change the world, no doubt he was hungry, weaker, and somewhat thinner but ...

The rising cost of education

As the education sector faces a shortage of teaching staff, the challenges to keep up with constantly changing technology and growing governance demands, fees can be expected to keep rising.  ...

Posted by David Batchelor

Stop the gap in women's super

In Australia today, women are helping drive the knowledge economy with 63% holding year 12 qualifications compared to 58% of men. However, findings from a recent ANZ report reveals the national gender pay ...

Posted by Adam Davenport

A little mindfulness goes a long way

As our lives continue to get busier, and notably more stressful, people are turning to mindfulness – a type of meditation – to improve health and well-being. Melbourne Demons coach Paul Roos ...

Investment noise: The enemy of financial success

The media focus on market fluctuations is a growing obsession. There are 34 business and finance programs and publications across Australian newspapers, radio and television broadcasts, with updates available 24 hours a ...

Posted by Jason Calleja

The changing Australian family

There is no doubt Australian society has changed dramatically in just a few short decades let alone over the last century.   Yet success and happiness are still built on the ...

How women can take control of their financial future

We interview FMD adviser, Lauren Abela, who works with busy, established professional and entrepreneurial women, passionate about life and gaining confidence around their money. What are the greatest financial issues ...

Posted by Lauren Abela


  • Why shouldn't I keep managing my own money, I've done all right so far?

    Successful people are used to handling their own finances, but you may reach a point where financial management becomes too complex or time consuming and the consequences of financial mistakes far-reaching. At this stage it's wise to turn to a professional adviser who can help you build and protect wealth over the long-term.

  • Why do I need to meet with an adviser instead of talking on the phone?

    If you value receiving expert advice (perhaps you're an expert in your field!) you know the importance of sitting down face-to-face to solve problems or improve your position. Our advisers don't give advice over the phone to new clients because we have a duty of care to consider your overall situation. That's best done in an initial consultation at our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide. We'll pick up the tab for the first meeting! 

  • How do I know if I should seek professional financial advice?

    Much like a personal trainer or career coach, your FMD adviser will help you set financial goals and hold you accountable. So you need to be ready to improve your financial position. If you are time-poor, have unresolved financial or investment decisions, need to plan for retirement or are facing lifestyle or career change, seeking advice can be a great relief. Many of our clients are successful executives or business owners who value expert financial advice so they can focus on what they do best.

  • How do I choose a financial adviser and why should I?

    The title 'financial adviser' is often misunderstood, partly because it is used to describe advisers that work for or are affiliated with banks or superannuation funds. FMD Financial is not owned by or affiliated with another financial institution, and we charge a fee for service based our clients' individual needs. When choosing an adviser look for someone qualified and experienced, who is happy to offer client references. Choose someone you like and feel comfortable talking to. Over time they will become an important person during life's biggest challenges, like redundancy, divorce or the death of a loved one. 

  • How does advice work and what does it cost?

    Our clients know quality advice is an investment in the future and they partner with us for the long-haul because their investment pays off. We're committed to being open and transparent about our fees and what you can expect from our advice process so more people can experience the confidence and that comes from getting good advice.

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  • What to expect from a first meeting with an FMD adviser

    What to expect from a first meeting with an FMD adviser

    It’s hard to know what to expect from a first meeting with a financial adviser, but getting your questions answered is worth it. Clients usually say ‘We wish we’d done it sooner!  We’ll cover the cost of the first meeting, to ensure FMD and your chosen adviser is right for you (duration: 2:02)

  • What to expect from the Health Wealth and Happiness financial profiler

    Get a picture of your financial position in 15 minutes using our quick and convenient online questionnaire. 
    You'll  receive a personal balance sheet, see how your super is tracking and discover your net worth. You can also book a meeting with an FMD adviser to review your detailed personal report.  We pick up the tab for the first meeting so there's nothing to loose and plenty to gain! (duration: 1:28)

    What to expect from the Health Wealth and Happiness financial profiler
  • Stop guessing and start planning your retirement now

    Stop guessing and start planning your retirement now

    We have the experience, financial modelling tools, and planning and investment expertise to show you how to make the most of your money and live the life you want.