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Six financial lessons from COVID-19

Among the lingering effects will be the financial upheaval many people have experienced, some for the first time. Whether brought about by unexpected career change, the fluctuating value of assets, or delayed retirement or estate planning, the resulting fear and uncertainty is real.  

Posted by Jason Calleja

Economic Snapshot: Global markets rally - November 2020

The global financial markets rallied hard in response to an uncontested US presidential election result, successful Covid-19 vaccines, and support from central banks. This marked the end of a rollercoaster 2020 and indicated the start to a more settled 2021.

Posted by Richard Dahl

5 apps to get your Coronavirus budget in shape

There are now more and more online tools and apps available to help you take care of the tedious but important tasks associated with budgeting. Here is our list of the top 5 apps for efficiently managing your budget.

Posted by Anna Oudendijk

How to make the best financial decisions in difficult times 

Making good financial decisions during a crisis such as Covid-19 can feel overwhelming. However, with the support and expert guidance of a qualified financial adviser, you can make decisions today that your future self will thank you for.

Posted by Daniel Arcadiou

The value of financial advice

How does one measure the value of professional financial advice? Saving money and growing your wealth are the tip of the iceberg. The real value of financial advice is its positive impact on your health, wealth and happiness. Read on to know more.

Posted by Lee Wapling

How money management has moved online during COVID-19

Embracing online banking and other services has been a steep learning curve for banks, service providers and customers, but people have overwhelmingly embraced technology to manage their money during this difficult time. 

Posted by David Batchelor

The Australian property market update webinar - September 2020

Covid-19 has caused significant upheaval to the Australian property market. To understand the impact, FMD Financial CEO Lee Wapling chatted with property expert David McMillan, Director of Performance Property Advisory in this webinar held on 11 September 2020.

Posted by Lee Wapling

Financial advice for divorce and separation

Navigating the end of a marriage or long-term relationship is an incredibly stressful event. With the added isolation of the lockdown, it's vital that you access the emotional, legal and financial advice you need during this transition.

Posted by David Batchelor

What will COVID-19 mean for property prices?

In this interview with FMD Financial, property expert David McMillan talks about the current impact of the pandemic on Australia's property market and what we can expect as we emerge from the crisis.

Posted by Lee Wapling

Economic Snapshot: The second wave of Covid - July 2020

A second wave of Covid-19 infections around the world have led to countries reimposing restrictions, which in turn has imacted employment and consumer confidence. While we wait for a vaccine, the focus remains on how economic policy can help.

Posted by Richard Dahl

Finding purpose and connection in isolation 

Physical distancing and Covid-19 have challenged us all to get creative in how we connect. For many retirees, relying heavily on technology to socialise has been a new experience, one that allows them to continue participating in the things they enjoy.

Posted by Adam Davenport

Is your will and advanced care directive valid and up-to-date? 

Having an updated Will and Estate Plan is the only way to protect your wealth, provide for your family in your absence and safeguard your financial legacy. COVID-19 has shown us just how much these factors impact our health, wealth and happiness.

Posted by Michael Russell

What are share buy-backs and how do they benefit investors?

August is reporting season and, in addition to finding out how companies are performing in these challenging times, investors may also find themselves on the receiving end of an unexpected special dividend or an off-market share buy-back.

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Economic Snapshot: A dramatic year in review

Global investors have been grappling with the trade-off between the benefits of stronger global growth for corporate profits and the potential impact to bond yields and values from higher inflation that might flow from the stronger growth.

Posted by Richard Dahl

Virtual meeting instructions for clients

While it's not quite business as usual due to COVID-19 restrictions, the FMD team is fully operational and your adviser will be ready to conduct your regular review meeting, or any other meeting as required, in a virtual setting. These instructions will help you prepare for a virtual meeting with your adviser.

Posted by Lee Wapling

How to tell good financial advice from bad

As experts in delivering holistic financial advice tailored for each individual and designed to help clients achieve their financial goals, here’s our top five tips for how to tell good advice from bad.

Posted by David Batchelor

Economic Snapshot: Consolidation in global markets

Global investors have been grappling with the trade-off between the benefits of stronger global growth for corporate profits and the potential impact to bond yields and values from higher inflation that might flow from the stronger growth.

Posted by Richard Dahl