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Mobile phone text scams exploding

Scamwatch, the dedicated scam monitoring service run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), is urging people to be extra vigilant about text scams.

Posted by Michael Russell

How to grow your super balance year after year

Being stuck at home in endless COVID-19 lockdowns has given many people time to think about their financial future. If you are engaging with your Super for the first time in a while, here are 3 things to consider to ensure you make the most if it.

Posted by Dominic Kwok

What are share buy-backs and how do they benefit investors?

August is reporting season and, in addition to finding out how companies are performing in these challenging times, investors may also find themselves on the receiving end of an unexpected special dividend or an off-market share buy-back.

Posted by Mike Reynolds

Economic Snapshot: A dramatic year in review

Global investors have been grappling with the trade-off between the benefits of stronger global growth for corporate profits and the potential impact to bond yields and values from higher inflation that might flow from the stronger growth.

Posted by Richard Dahl

Economic Snapshot: A dramatic year for markets

A combination of strong growth, abundant liquidity, supply chain blockages, and the Ukraine war triggered the biggest resurgence of inflation since the early 1980’s.

Posted by Richard Dahl

Economic Snapshot: A harsh month for financial markets

April was a harsh month for financial markets. High inflation, aggressive rhetoric from the US Federal Reserve Bank, the Ukraine war and COVID lockdowns in China, all combined to sour investor sentiment.

Posted by Richard Dahl

Economic Snapshot: A turbulent month for global markets

In a turbulent month for global markets, Australia’s geographic distance from Ukraine, combined with our role as a commodity exporter, helped our equity market to outperform and the A$/US$ to rally.

Posted by Richard Dahl