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Virtual meeting instructions for clients

While it's not quite business as usual due to COVID-19 restrictions, the FMD team is fully operational and your adviser will be ready to conduct your regular review meeting, or any other meeting as required, in a virtual setting. These instructions will help you prepare for a virtual meeting with your adviser.

Posted by Lee Wapling

The Australian property market update webinar - September 2020

Covid-19 has caused significant upheaval to the Australian property market. To understand the impact, FMD Financial CEO Lee Wapling chatted with property expert David McMillan, Director of Performance Property Advisory in this webinar held on 11 September 2020.

Posted by Lee Wapling

Financial advice for divorce and separation

Navigating the end of a marriage or long-term relationship is an incredibly stressful event. With the added isolation of the lockdown, it's vital that you access the emotional, legal and financial advice you need during this transition.

Posted by David Batchelor

What will COVID-19 mean for property prices?

In this interview with FMD Financial, property expert David McMillan talks about the current impact of the pandemic on Australia's property market and what we can expect as we emerge from the crisis.

Posted by Lee Wapling

Economic Snapshot: The second wave of Covid - July 2020

A second wave of Covid-19 infections around the world have led to countries reimposing restrictions, which in turn has imacted employment and consumer confidence. While we wait for a vaccine, the focus remains on how economic policy can help.

Posted by Richard Dahl