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Why diversification and active management deliver consistent investment returns

We all understand that certain sectors of the market do better during particular stages of the economic cycle than others. However, trying to pick the timing of a market rotation - when one style of stock moves from being everybody’s darling to being out of favour – is the tricky part.

Meet Financial Adviser, Anna Oudendijk

Start now! The power of compound interest means even small additional investments – like salary sacrificing to super – can result in big gains over time.

5 common mistakes in the move to aged care

Making the move to residential aged care can be a difficult and stressful time for families, both emotionally and financially. Here are five common mistakes to avoid in the transition.

What the Amazon effect could mean to Australian retailers

No doubt Amazon’s highly anticipated arrival in Australia will shake up an already sluggish retail sector. So what could this mean for share prices and how should investors prepare?

Retirement villages a lifestyle not an investment

Considering retirement village living? Know your options and make sure the lifestyle gains stack up, because monthly maintenance fees and exit fees of up to 40% of the purchase price for a retirement village unit is not a good investment in financial terms.

Why an investment property may not be the answer to your retirement needs

Our review of four off-the-plan Melbourne developments shows why many apartments may not be worth the purchase price.

Our formula for investment success

With years of experiences offering personalised investment advice and now with over $1 billion of funds under management, our investment committee has learned that when these six elements are in place, investment success generally follows.

Superannuation changes less than 60 days away

Are you prepared for changes to super that come into effect on 1st July? Book a financial health check to be sure.

How one simple decision could give you an extra $300,000 in super

Need a good reason to seek financial advice in your 40s? One simple decision now could mean an extra $300,000 to live the lifestyle you’re working so hard to achieve.

Money the Biggest Test of Relationships

Want to keep your love alive? Start talking about money.

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