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About us

Health, wealth and happiness is what most of us want from life.

With years of experience behind us, the team at FMD Financial knows good health is a gift and happiness is borne out of individual triumph and endeavour. But wealth – now that’s our business.   

Our personal service has helped hundreds of clients invest with confidence, while taking the right measures to protect their income and assets. They know markets will go up and down, but with FMD as their partner they have a trusted source of knowledge and advice to turn to.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you partner with FMD is there’s a lot of listening going on.  We take the time to understand your personal circumstances and goals, then draw on years of financial knowledge and experience to create a strategy that will help you achieve them.

If there’s one thing our whole team aspires to, it’s excellence in our profession. We know all financial advisers are not equal and you do too. You’ll hear the difference the first time you call us, and see it when you sit down with our advisers. You’ll be impressed by our professionalism, our financial qualifications and how seriously we take our duty of care when it comes to managing your wealth.


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