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Whatever your personal situation, it's important to regularly review your level of insurance protection as you implement your financial plans. Failing to do so is one of the most common and costly mistakes we see. The only thing more unfortunate than missing the road to health, wealth and happiness is having an unexpected illness or tragic life event throw you off course when you're well on the way to reaching your destination.

The four main types of insurance

Life Insurance (Death cover)

Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD)

Trauma Insurance (Recovery/critical illness)

Income Protection (Salary continuance)

Lump Sum payment

Lump Sum payment

Lump Sum payment

Regular payments

Proceeds used to support dependants.

Proceeds used to support individual and family.

Proceeds used to fund expenses for a serious condition such as cancer, heart condition or stroke.

Proceeds replace lost employment income resulting from severe illness or injury.


Imagine a serious health event without insurance

When we consider the amount to insure you for, we encourage you to ask some pretty tough questions. For example, if you died, what debts would need to be paid off? And how much money would be needed to replace your lost income and retain the standard of living you want for your family?

risk of not having insurance

We also consider other “what-if” scenarios apart from death, like what if you had an accident or suffered an illness and couldn’t work for 6 months or more? How would the mortgage be paid and could you afford other expenses? Could you be at risk of losing the house if the loan repayments were not met? Even worse perhaps, what if you could never work again? Appropriate insurance can cover you against these and many other “what if” scenarios that may keep you awake at night. 

Good to know

The quality and cost of insurance varies and products change frequently

Choosing the right cover is complex and approval isn’t usually automatic for the better policies.

Our advisers can conduct an accurate product comparison and help with the approval process. To find out more please contact us.



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