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Retirement on the horizon? Stop worrying and start planning

The Australia Talks National Survey (fielded in July 2019) shed light on what Australians are most worried about. When presented with a list of 27 worry factors ranging from money to survival of the species, the nearly 55,000 respondents were most personally affected by the same top concerns – climate change, ageing, saving for retirement and personal health; enough to keep anyone up at night.

These findings mirror what FMD advisers have learned over 15 years of conversations with our clients

After working hard to accumulate wealth, everyone wants to retire comfortably, take care of themselves and their families as they age and lead a healthy, happy life with those we love.

That is why we are committed to helping our clients achieve optimal health, wealth and happiness through personal professional financial planning and advice. By setting financial goals and developing a plan to achieve them, including contingency plans for life’s curve balls, we help our clients channel their worries into positive action, which brings peace of mind and confidence about the future.

What Australians worry about

  • Saving for retirement was a worry for 62 per cent
    51% of retirees expect to outlive their retirement savings
  • 56 per cent were concerned about their health
    The proportion of the population with basic hospital cover fell to a 12-year low of 44.2%
  • 72 per cent never want to live in a nursing home
    Yet, only 25% believe they will live comfortably in retirement

Financial planning is something we can choose to do to improve our lives, gain greater control over our future and make the most of the money and circumstances we’ve got.

We’ve always believed wealth is an enabler for life. Our advice process is all about gaining a deep understanding of where our clients want to go and how they can get there. You can’t control everything in your financial sphere but having a plan for what you can control makes a huge difference to financial security and happiness.

Of course, clients do worry about financial matters and those worries change at different stages of life, but we’re always there to support them and offer practical advice. There may be worries about income in times of career transition, funding kids’ education, concerns about having enough money in the lead up to retirement or worries about caring for aged parents. They’re all common concerns we help clients plan for so they can sleep well at night and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Stop worrying. Start planning.

Sources: ABC Australia Talks National Survey, July 2019; Investment Trends: Retirement Income Report 2018.

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