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Investment noise: The enemy of financial success

Investment noise: the enemy of financial success

The media focus on market fluctuations is a growing obsession. There are 34 business and finance programs and publications across Australian newspapers, radio and television broadcasts, with updates available 24 hours a day, as well as countless blogs and social media news feeds. A Google search for ‘investment news Australia’ delivers about 292,000,000 results in all of 0.39 seconds. But does all this analysis make us more informed or help us make better decisions?

What's the problem with commentary?

To answer this question, we first need to consider whether the aims of the news media or financial commentators are aligned with the needs of investors. Is their primary aim to offer insight, clarity and long-term strategic advice?

Sadly, a long-term investment gradually appreciating and delivering sustained tax effective returns isn’t newsworthy. Volatility, fear and short-term market fluctuations that raise the emotional temperature are more effective in boosting readership and ratings. The problem is this commentary can be the enemy of individual financial success as it stops people from taking action.

Then there’s the commentators themselves. Many high profile business and finance commentators have built their media profiles on providing controversial analysis at one end of the bull or bear spectrum; Have a balanced view and the networks may not invite you back. Many also have their own investment funds or publications and have their own agendas to advance. It’s also important to remember that much of the market news we digest is backward-looking and things always look different in the rear view mirror.

"Technology has ushered in a ‘news addiction age’ prompting people to crave regular updates at the expense of quiet contemplation." - Alain de Botton (Philosopher and author)

The take away?

What lies ahead is where investors need to focus to succeed. My advice is don’t be distracted by economic news and forecasts, and debates on what market we’re in. While financial background is important, by the time it becomes public knowledge it has generally been reflected in the value of the investments. Most of the financial news could be irrelevant to you and your long-term financial plan which is all about your individual needs. We can all take charge of our financial future, when we recognise it for what it is – just noise.

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