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Healthy benefits for personal insurance members

A healthy, active lifestyle is something we all strive to achieve and maintain. We know that healthy eating and regular physical activity benefits our mental and emotional wellbeing but did you know it can also help you access lower-cost insurance?

Healthy benefits
Healthy benefits

Just as experienced safe drivers enjoy lower car insurance premiums, some personal insurance providers now offer a lower base premium (up to 20% in some cases) if you are healthy, active and committed to better well-being. This is based on the idea that if you look after your health, you’re less likely to make an insurance claim.

AIA’s Vitality program is a great example: it works on a points system which rewards you with vouchers and premium discounts for making good decisions and keeping track of your health. Asteron Life follows a similar approach, offering discounted Life cover as an incentive for healthy members.

The introduction of member rewards is a great encouragement for you to be more proactive about your health – not only to save money, but to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing too.

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