Anna Oudendijk
Anna Oudendijk

Financial Adviser


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Meet Financial Adviser, Anna Oudendijk

Are you Queensland born and bred?

I grew up in Warsaw, Poland and came to Australia in 1999. I first lived in Adelaide where I began my FMD career in 2009 and later moved to Queensland, drawn by the weather! Now I live in a peaceful bush setting, where I am lucky enough to enjoy regular visits from kangaroos, deer and lorikeets.

What first drew you to the financial advice industry?

After a stint in the banking sector, then unit trust management, I wanted to translate the technical expertise I’d developed into something people could use to make their lives better. FMD offers that opportunity. We’re not only financial experts, but sounding boards and confidants for big life decisions for our clients.

What was your first financial ‘aha’ moment?

That people often have the power to build wealth with income and the asset base they have. They just have to get cash management under control and put a few well-tested strategies in place to start seeing results.

What has surprised you most about coaching people to achieve their financial goals?

I’m constantly humbled by the trust our clients place in us and the privilege of getting to know them. Discussing where you’re succeeding financially and where you can improve is very personal. As a result, we often form deep and lasting connections and support other family members and friends.

More people seem to be seeking financial advice, why do you think that is?

Our population is ageing, we’re living longer and people are realising if they use what they’ve got wisely, they can live a better lifestyle. There is also a growing awareness that reputable advice is affordable and offers a good return. As more people have a positive advice experience they spread the word.

What might your clients be surprised to know about you?

I was a professional pianist in Poland where I gained a Masters in Piano Performance from Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music. When I moved to Australia, I shipped my 1907 mahogany Bossendorfer baby grand piano. It takes pride of place in my living room where I now listen to my daughter play.

If you could get one message across to people who put-off seeking advice, what would it be?

Start now! The power of compound interest means even small additional investments – like salary sacrificing to super – can result in big gains over time.

I’m also passionate about under-insurance. I hate to see people work hard to achieve financial success but leave themselves exposed to a serious financial setback. When personal tragedy strikes, not having to worry about money really helps.

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