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AMS shares

Our Active Management Service (AMS) shares portfolios have been specifically designed to meet the investment objectives of our clients. The FMD Investment Committee (IC) meets regularly to discuss our shares portfolios and make recommendations to retain, replace or add stocks. Autonomous assessment of the portfolios is conducted by Peak Investments who ensure stock recommendations by our IC remain of the highest quality. 

AMS shares provides you with active management of your direct share portfolio:

  • Automatic Stock Changes: FMD has the ability to automatically implement recommended changes within your portfolio. Where a change is recommended, you will receive an e-mail outlining the change, the IC's basis for the change and additional research reports for any new stocks. 
  • Quarterly Newsletters: You will receive a monthly newsletter updating you on the performance and outlook of your AMS shares portfolio.

AMS shares portfolios are managed using the following approach:

  • Low Turnover: We will endeavour to minimise stock turnover in the portfolios and will purchase securities based on their longer-term outlook. As a guide, we will be targeting turnover rates of less than 20% per annum.
  • Trading Strategies: Short-term trading strategies (for example, profit taking) will not be employed in the portfolio management.
  • Benchmark: The portfolios aim to outperform the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index over a three year and above period.
  • Fully Invested: The portfolios will not execute any tactical asset allocation strategies and will remain fully invested in Australian equities.

For more information on AMS shares portfolios and to speak to one of our advisers please contact us.

  • Concentrated portfolio
  • Income portfolio
  • Active portfolio management
  • Portfolio approach

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