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Redundancy, whether forced or voluntary, can generate a lot of emotional and financial stress. The good news is you are likely to receive a redundancy payment from your employer. The bad news is how complicated the tax implications and resulting financial planning can be. The key to making the most of your redundancy payment for the long-term is to fully understand what your entitlements and then make a considered plan with the help of a qualified financial adviser to manage your payout package in the best possible way.

The meeting with one of our experienced financial advisers takes approximately 1 hour at any of our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. We don't charge for the first meeting because we want to make sure we're right for you and you're right for us. You don't pay anything until you agree to receive personalised advice, but at a first meeting we can answer many of the financial questions worrying you most.

We're here to help you build a bright financial future

  • Estimate how long you can live on your redundancy payout given your current expenditure and plans.
  • Explore short and long term options for managing your payout.
  • Discover the best ongoing option for maximising your superannuation; from industry funds to self-managed funds.
  • Consider how redundancy may impact your Life, Income Protection and TPD insurance.
  • Discuss how to maintain your lifestyle and achieve your ultimate retirement goals.
  • Develop options to pursue the career or life change you’ve always wanted.

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