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The Australian Government has made a number of changes to super in recent years, including changes to the concessional contributions cap, the rate of compulsory superannuation guarantee and co-contribution rates, just to name a few. In this continually changing landscape it’s vital to seek the advice of an experienced adviser to ensure you maximise your investment in superannuation while minimising tax.

Our advisers make it their business to have up-to-the-minute knowledge on investment markets, managed funds, government support payments, SMSFs and insurance. If you need advice on maximising super book a FREE financial health check today.

Boost your Super

As the average life expectancy and the cost of living continue to increase, the age pension alone will not be enough for a comfortable retirement lifestyle. You can maximise your super by making after-tax super contributions (depositing your personal money into your super account), applying for the government co-contribution if you fall into the low income earner category or if you’re self-employed, you can claim a tax deduction when you contribute to your super. If you’re 50 or over, you can allocate up to $50,000 a year to your super at a concessional rate.

Consider a Self-Managed Super Fund

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are the fastest growing sector of the superannuation industry. The most significant advantage of a SMSF is that it provides you with greater control of underlying investments and investment choice. This high degree of control over the investment portfolio gives you power over any shares and properties, managed funds (retail or wholesale), and provides you with the flexibility of investment choice. SMSFs are a flexible and adaptable retirement savings structure, which can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

To support Trustees in this role, FMD's Financial Advice service covers the major financial planning facets across the 6 Pillars of advice and your FMD financial adviser will be able to assist you with ongoing advice in relation to the strategic aspects of your SMSF. As a complement to FMD's advice expertise, we have also partnered with a specialist SMSF administrator to deliver efficient and cost-effective administration of your self-managed super fund. This support enables you to focus on building and managing wealth without the headache of managing time-critical compliance and administration requirements.

Set up Salary Sacrificing

Salary sacrifice is an arrangement in which an employee agrees to have their wages cut, in exchange for something of similar value. Cars are one of the main items which are usually salary sacrificed, where the running costs of the vehicle and the finance repayments can be sacrificed up to an agreed limit. As salary sacrifice means paying for the item out of your pre-tax income rather than your after- tax income, it becomes a tax effective strategy which can save you a considerable amount of money.

  • The advantages of investing in super
  • The types of super contributions
  • Contribution caps
  • Contribution work requirements
  • Salary sacrifice contributions
  • Personal concessional contributions
  • Spouse contributions
  • Government co-contribution
  • Super contribution splitting
  • Preservation
  • Taxation of Super benefits
  • The risks associated with super

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