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Our guarantee - the highest professional standards

There are lots of financial advisers out there but we’re proud to say there’s not many like us. Not everyone subscribes to the highest ethical and professional standards – the FPA Professional Practice – but we’re pleased to say we do. In fact, we estimate just 10% of Melbourne firms are recognised as a professional practice.

FMD undergoes a rigorous screening process every three years to meet the FPA’s requirements:

  • All advisers are FPA practicing members;
  • Advisers are highly qualified with almost all of our advisers CFP®  professionals or will be within the next three years; and
  • Company commits to upholding the FPA's code of Professional Practice. 




As your very own financial coach we take responsibility for building and managing your wealth - leaving you more time for living. 


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FMD Financial puts your needs first

  1. We are not beholden to any institution
  2. We select and build your investment portfolio from the best direct investments and fund managers from around the world
  3. We don't receive any hidden commissions and our fees are agreed upfront

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