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Family Office

The FMD Family Office manages your family’s wealth as a business, essentially acting as your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As CFO, our responsibility is the care and growth of each of your family member’s wealth as a joint decision-making team. The FMD Family Office takes on the responsibility of day-to-day management of your family’s money and has a high level of involvement in each member’s financial activities.

Moreover, if you are one of the growing number of executives still in the prime of your working life and too busy to manage your personal finances, the FMD Family Office can help you gain control of your wealth.

The FMD Family Office solution provides the high level of professionalism and expertise that is needed today to navigate the complexities of managing a large personal fortune. A prime role of the FMD Family Office is to design a customised and strategic plan for your family with clear, holistic and well defined objectives that reflect your financial goals, values and risk tolerance. In this field there is little room for off-the-shelf solutions. Invariably, we find that wealthy families are less concerned about the impact of a decision on the next quarter’s result than the impact on the next generation.

Good to know

If you had a $25 million business you would have no hesitation in drawing up a business plan, appointing a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to manage that plan and remunerating that CFO with a salary package in keeping with the size of the job. If you sold that business and invested the $25 million, why wouldn’t you do the same to manage your new asset?

The key function of the FMD Family Office is to provide strategic advice on the most effective way to protect, grow and transfer your family wealth to the next generation, by being sensitive to your family’s personal values and its non-financial goals. Integration is the keyword for the FMD Family Office approach – integration of advice, objectives, plans and management.

The FMD Family Office applies current professional planning tools and approaches to achieve a well-balanced investment allocation. The FMD Family Office also acts as a gatekeeper by filtering out advice that is contradictory with the family’s goals. To provide all the necessary expertise we are also able to draw on appropriate external experts and provide a concise summary and objective evaluation of the expert advice.

Why Set Up a Family Office?

The main interest in a Family Office lies in wealth preservation, generational transfer of great wealth and philanthropy. Different advice is needed to achieve these different goals, and families with a net worth of at least $10 million are likely to find the FMD Family Office service very beneficial.

Significant life events such as marriage, birth, death and divorce can trigger major wealth changes, and need to be professionally protected to prevent wealth erosion. Families coming into large inheritances which result in wealth transfers that were not planned for can present a sudden large liquid asset in need of professional care.

More often it is the fact that at the end of a ‘hands-on’ and productive life, serious decisions need to be made about business succession, family affairs and the effective transfer of wealth to the next generation. For example, a decision to sell your family business will generate a large amount of cash. Transition from a business owner to a passive wealth manager gives rise to many complex issues that require more expertise to resolve than simple financial advice. 

Is the FMD Family Office Service right for me?

We believe that your family’s time is better spent doing more important things than managing the family wealth.

Tax and superannuation regulations are becoming too complex for many individuals to understand and manage. The volatility of the share market and the range of investments available make the use of professional advice essential. Your high net worth family can benefit from in-depth strategic advice to grow and transfer your wealth, as well as efficient administration to manage your current finances.

In this complex environment, the FMD Family Office – acting as an objective CFO – is an appropriate governance structure that helps your family define and achieve its financial goals. 


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