Age Pension Entitlements Calculator

If you are unsure whether you are income or asset tested, please contact Centrelink to confirm on 132 300 for Age Pensioners or 132 717 for Disability Support Pensioners.

Now From 1 Jan 17 Estimated Change
Asset Test Threshold to receive the full Age Pension 0 0
Asset amount above threshold 0 0
Maximum Age Pension Entitlement 0 0
Reduction in Age Pension Entitlement 0 0
Estimated Age Pension Entitlement 0 0 0
Important Notice

The estimated entitlements include the Pension and Clean Energy Supplements

Those whose pension is cancelled as a result of this change will automatically be issued with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, or a Health Care Card for those under pension age, without the need to meet the usual income requirements. Veterans whose service pension is cancelled under this measure will retain their Veterans' Affairs Gold Card.


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